Sunday, July 28, 2013

Book Review: Art of Attack in Chess, by Vladimir Vukovic

Although there has been many chess books that I have enjoyed, one of which that has made the biggest impression was Vladimir Vukovic's Art of Attack in Chess. Although it was first published in 1965, this book has remained a timeless classic. As signified by the title, the book is about attacking the king and attempting to checkmate it. It is divided up into 12 chapters, which each focus on different aspects or phases of the hunt. For example, chapter 7 is centered around executing the classic bishop sacrifice. The latest editions of the book are in algebraic notation, and the layout is very simple and clean. There are footnotes scattered in there, perhaps more often than I would like, that provide corrections to variations and other mistakes. The book is not written for beginners, but I would recommend it to basically everyone from class C all of the way up to expert level.
I will leave you with one of the games which he included in the opening chapter, with all annotations exactly as they are in the book. Please stay tuned for more posts like this!

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